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Contextual Guide and Internet Index to Western Civilization
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Culture 4.0 Features
1) 10,000+ profiles of famous artists, composers, authors, philosophers & theologians,
scientists and other historical figures over 3,800 years of Western culture
2) 25,000+ WWW links to a wide variety of internet resources (see Britannica links)
3) 25,000+ internal text links

4) 1,700+ internal graphic images
5) 159 historical color maps and links to hundreds of other maps on the internet
6) The
Culture®4.0 Workbook -- now directly connected to Culture
(linked HTML files) and also available as a separate MS Word file.

1) Internal text links that are non-functional (due to the fact that the Culture 4.0 document
containing the link target is not available on this website) are shown in
black bold text
2) Pages with beige background contain program content while pages with light gray
background are supplementary resources.

Sample Historical Essays
Jesus of Nazareth -- The Roman Legion -- Charlemagne -- Elizabethan England

Sample Historical Maps
Ancient Jerusalem -- Palestine at the Time of Christ -- Greece in the 5th Century B.C.
Ancient Athens -- Roman Empire, c.117 A.D. -- Roman Britain, c.350 -- Europe c.650
The Empire of Charlemagne -- Italy in the X, XII, XIII and XV Centuries
Europe at the Time of the First Crusade, c.1100 -- The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Crusades (1147-1204)
Growth of the Habsburg Dominions, 1282-1815 -- Europe c.1360 -- Growth of the Russian Empire in Europe 1482-1878
Central Europe, 1555 -- The Growth of Prussia (1440-1795, 1807-1866) -- South Eastern Europe, 1700
England before (1701) and after (1911) the Industrial Revolution -- Central Europe, 1780
United States during the Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Central Europe, 1871

Sample Profiles
Jacob -- Homer -- Apollo -- Aphrodite (Venus) -- Parthenon -- Alexander the Great
Julius Caesar -- Cleopatra -- Caesar Augustus -- Petrarch -- Boccaccio -- William Shakespeare
Horatio Nelson -- Thomas Jefferson -- Thomas Gainsborough -- Napoleon -- Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Charles Darwin -- Queen Victoria -- Nicholas II -- Brancusi -- Picasso -- Giacometti

Culture®4.0 (Now for Windows and Macintosh) -- Features Overview

Culture®4.0: The Contextual Guide and Internet Index to Western Civilization, an interdisciplinary, contextual and multimedia guide to Western civilization on CD-ROM organizes more than 3800 years of Western culture and is the culmination of over two decades of research by Walter Reinhold of New York University and the work of several contributing scholars including Martin Rosenberg (New York University), Robert Ross (Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley), Stuart White (Crawford College of Art, Ireland), and Edward Bever (Drew University). In the process of bringing our product to market, CRI has packed Culture® 4.0 with over 1700 graphic images (most of them in color), 2500 macro-profiles of famous historical figures, antists, writers, composers, philosophers and scientists, 159 historical maps, 25,000+ internal text links and 25,000+ active WWW links to the Internet.

The program also includes 222 historical essays on topics ranging from the Black Plague to The Cold War. Unique to the product are the 30 CultureGrids® arranged chronologically from the Biblical era to the 20th Century. These grids organize over 25,000 people, places and events by country, discipline and generation. The strength of Culture®4.0 lies in the program's unique overview of a large body of cultural and historic information. Rather than indexing data from A to Z as in an encyclopedia, Culture®4.0 provides the user with the capability of exploring and understanding distinct eras. The distinctiveness of these eras lies in the collective interaction of particular developments in a wide variety of disciplines. Knowing how these disciplines influenced and were influenced by the religious, social, historical, scientific, etc., currents of the time adds a greater awareness and appreciation of an era. The structure of the knowledge base (interdisciplinary overviews of generations that in turn comprise historical eras) encourages recurrent exploration of diverse influences in order to understand "the big picture" and acquire contextual cultural literacy.

The Culture®4.0 Workbook, built into the CD-ROM or available in a print version, is a collection of interdisciplinary lessons and worksheets that cover all 30 CultureGrids® in the program. The 196-page workbook enables teachers to utilize Culture®4.0 as an educational resource in a wide variety of curriculum settings.

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