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Since real fire have been met, Oakley Sunglasses australia natural to try alchemy. Alchemy from ancient times down on the pass, also known as external alchemy. This will be the spirit of grass or something ore and refined into its oakley polarized sunglasses Dan taking the growth of their own way, has been an important means of pursuing their mystical Cultivation. In contrast, Cultivation own practice, setting saver Yuan Ying, he was becoming elixir. Cultivation wood fire department and the Department has always been elixir and external alchemy combining the most successful. The former high -level real fire in alchemy refining obvious advantages, and therefore most of the teachers are Dan Cultivation fire department.

Aoki reason only that like alchemy, physical attributes Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Wood played a decisive role. Lingnan put Dan in front of the furnace, carefully playing with. Aoki had to say to get this alchemy furnace had also spent a lot of thought. Dan furnace entire two feet high, refined copper materials, Darksteel, and a mix of many gold-palladium. However, the level of the Dan refining furnace can say appalling, the easiest boiler type, in addition to a number engraved inside the circle, but will have no special hurry to make a fire, but the fire and Dan furnace control law tactics and supporting the process of alchemy needed, law formula Dan furnace are controlled exercise no less than dozens of times, until you feel completely mastered before a pop-up tales of real fire.

Subsequently,not be slow to play a few tactics tactic, let the flame furnace even stronger. After the flame stable, oakley sunglasses put herbs ready to take out. oakley polarized sunglasses Materials are found in the outer day, the existing Fang Dan, oakley polarized sunglasses only a few low-level Dan refining side.not much hesitation on the choice of the record was recorded in Lingbao ternary Dan Green. Three yuan Dan is an ancient folk remedy, not a single refining Dan, but back to the Yuan Dan, Pei-Yuan Yuan Dan Dan and help in general. As the name suggests, Yuan Dan is back after taking the real dollars spent and skill to achieve rapid restoration of immortality, but better than the back of Qi Wan bleed air is much better for building base Cultivation taking over.

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