Culture® 4.0
Contextual Guide and Internet Index to Western Civilization

Comments from Users of Culture® 4.0

"I have now had an opportunity to spend several hours investigating this extraordinary program and am overwhelmed by both the extensiveness of the information it includes and the opportunities it presents for teaching and learning. This is a very valuable tool to anyone who either teaches or plans curricula related to the history of western civilization or the humanities regardless of the grade level of their students. It helps immensely to be able easily and quickly to trace developments through the ages focusing on them by nation and/or by cultural field."

"Most history texts tend to focus on political/military developments in nations and give little attention to concurrent developments in literature, art, music, etc. This program would allow students to see that civilization has a broader scope than textbooks often lead one to believe. Use of the Cultural Almanac would bring a daily historical note to the student, and many of them would be fascinated by how a click on an individual historical figure in a graphic brings him/her directly to an explanatory essay replete with numerous internal program and internet links, illustrations, and maps. This is a process very unlike the laborious procedure of looking through a series of reference works in a library."

William C. Burcham, Executive Consultant to The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation (Cleveland, OH) and former Director of Curriculum at the South Euclid and Lyndhurst School Systems


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