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Historical Maps Overview

(This page is from the Culture 4.0 program -- all of the WWW links to maps on the
internet are functional but only 21 of the 159 internal maps are active on this website.)

Intro -- Sources
Maps Grouped by Period
Biblical -- Greece -- Rome
(Post-Roman -- Celtic -- Carolingian -- Romanesque -- Early Gothic -- Late Gothic)
Renaissance -- Baroque -- Classic -- Romantic -- 20th Century
Maps Grouped Geographically
The Americas -- Asia -- Baltic Lands -- England/Britain -- Europe -- France
Germany/Austria -- Italy -- Middle East -- Spain


This document lists all historical maps either (1) directly accessed from the Culture 4.0 CD-ROM (159 internal images stored as JPG files), or (2) or externally accessed at WWW (internet) sites linked by the program. These maps, the bulk of them being scans from early 20th-Century historical atlases, are listed below, both chronologically by era and geographically. While these sources are now public domain, the image scans utilized in Culture 4.0 are copyrighted by CRI. These may be freely used for educational or personal purposes but not for any commercial undertaking without the express written permission of CRI.

Sources for Culture 4.0 Historical Maps (internal images)

Biblical History and Antiquity

Greece (1260-264 B.C.)

Rome (753 B.C.-400 A.D.)

Middle Ages (400-1400)

Carolingian & Ottonian (800-1000)

Romanesque & Norman (1000-1150)

Early Gothic & Ars Antiqua (1150-1300)

Late Gothic & Ars Nova (1300-1400)

Renaissance (1400-1600)

Baroque (1600-1750)

Classic (1750-1803)

Romantic (1803-1912)

20th Century (1912-1999)

Grouped Geographically (internal maps only)


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