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About Walter Reinhold


Walter Reinhold has taught all aspects of music history and style analysis on the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels at New York University since 1968 and has also served as an Adjunct Professor of Music at Kean College of New Jersey from 1981 to 1988.

During these years, Professor Reinhold has designed sixteen courses running the gamut from medieval to 20th-century music, art and history; taught over 2000 music, liberal arts, medical and dental students; and has developed corresponding books, tapes and color slide lectures using methods unparalleled in academe. In 1992 and again in 1999 his NYU students selected him as "Teacher of the Year," the first NYU professor to be so honored twice.


As president and co-founder (1988) of Cultural Resources, Inc. and the author of the highly acclaimed Culture® 4.0, Mr. Reinhold has lectured widely to groups of university, college and high school teachers. He has also given lectures for numerous university and high school students, adult study groups, college faculty groups, the American Guild of Organists and National Public Radio. Other professional activity includes his work since 1961 at the First Presbyterian Church in Kearny, New Jersey where Professor Reinhold is the Organist and Master of the Music, Lecturer in Bible and Theology and an Elder-Trustee. Mr. Reinhold is also a Commisioned Lay Pastor in the Presbyterian Church.


As an organist, Professor Reinhold has performed widely with recitals and lecture-recitals in such places as the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York and York Minster, St. Paul's, Durham and Canterbury Cathedrals in England. In addition, his recording, "Once in Royal David's City" (Psalter Recording PHR 901) has received critical acclaim.


Professor Reinhold holds degrees from Westminster Choir College, Union Theological Seminary and New York University in the areas of organ performance, sacred music, theology, music history, style analysis and historical musicology. His instructors, arguably the world's finest in their individual fields, were Alexander McCurdy, Jan LaRue and Gustave Reese.

About Cultural Resources, Inc.

Cultural Resources, Inc. is a designer and publisher of creative software for educational institutions, libraries and the home. The company was started in 1988 with the development and release of Culture®1.0, a software package based on the teaching methodologies and cultural database developed by Walter Reinhold, a principal of the firm and a professor at New York University.

(See Genesis of Culture®.)

Culture® 4.0 Workbook

A 184-page collection of thousands of questions covering every historical period and discipline in the program. The Workbook enables teachers to utilize Culture 4.0 as an educational resource in a wide variety of curriculum settings. A Microsoft Word document of the Workbook is included on this CD-ROM. Attractive print versions of the Culture 4.0 Workbook are also available. Please contact Cultural Resources for pricing and availability.

Multiple copies of Culture 4.0 may be purchased at a special rate -- see Order Info.

CRI would like to thank our contributors to the Culture® 4.0 upgrade.

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Culture 4.0 Images

Culture® 4.0 contains over 1,700 graphic images of famous people, events (battles, deaths and other historical and cultural events), places (buidlings, cities, etc.), historical maps (see Maps) and works of art (paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture). The bulk of these images, the majority of which are in color, are in JPEG format and accessed by clicking links shown directly below the green ART (or MAP) icons located intermittently throughout the program. Additional images are pasted on many of the 800+ HTML documents contained in Culture.

Sample images are shown below:


Two multi-volume works by John Clark Ridpath (1840-1900) have been a general source of many of the images for Culture: The Ridpath Library of Universal Literature (25 volumes, 1898) and Ridpath's History of the World (8 volumes, 1894). The bulk of these images, all originally in black and white, have been colorized by CRI. While the Ridpath works are now public domain, the specific image scans utilized in Culture 4.0 are copyrighted by CRI. These may be freely used for educational or personal purposes but not for any commercial undertaking without the express written permission of CRI. The vast majority of these illustrations are unattributed. Several examples are noted below.


Several CD-ROMs published by the Corel Corporation have been another general source of images for the program. These include famous paintings by renowned artists.

J.C. Stobart's The Glory That Was Greece (1911) and The Glory That Was Rome (1912) are the sources for several dozen of the images from those periods.

Charles Morris's Famous Men and Great Events of the Nineteenth Century (1899) is the source for numerous images of that period.

Culture® 4.0 also contains photographs taken by Walter Reinhold and antique post cards from the collection of Chris Chapman. Select photographs of various locations in Paris are courtesy of Deb and Dave Leber of Cranford, NJ and photos of Iona are courtesy of Liz and Bill Henderson of Scotch Plains, NJ.

Anyone wishing to contribute photographs of famous buildings, sites, works of art, etc. should contact us at Culture. Due credit will be noted and we would appreciate your help!


Acknowledgments and Credits

Culture 4.0 Search Engine

Culture Contributors

Martin Rosenberg contributed the information on science and scientists.

Edward Bever is responsible for much of the material in the general historical introductions of the program.

Stuart White contributed the bulk of the information on art history.

Robert Ross contributed much of the philosophy and theology material and many of the philosophy and theology profiles.


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